Introducing the ClearXCam 2304

Enabled by Advent Diamond’s unique diamond technology, the ClearXCam is a revolutionary tool for X-ray beam monitoring and diagnostics, offering the highest resolution in-beamline imaging on the market, at video-rate capture.

This system enables: discovery of in-beam features, high resolution beam position monitoring, simplified focusing, automating tasks, and more.

System features:

  • Transparent and rugged diamond sensor
  • With 2304 pixels, ClearXCam offers the highest in-beam resolution available
  • Video rate imaging (up to 100Hz)
  • Easy to use complete system with simple but powerful software, API and EPICs integrations, and plug-and-play design

The ClearXCam Advantage

Compared to other x-ray beam monitoring technologies the ClearXCam offers many advantages:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Can be left in-beam for continuous and real-time monitoring of beam characteristics
  • Advanced Diamond Sensor: Utilizes electronic-grade, single-crystal diamond, which has high x-ray beam transparency and high signal-to-noise. Our proprietary diamond-metal interface material and passivation layer supports the sensor’s robustness for sustained in-beam use.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: 48x48 pixels with 50μm pixel come standard– the highest resolution available (custom sizes available).
  • Linear Dynamic Range: Operates linearly across a broad range of photon flux, from 10^7 to 10^16 photons per second, and validated on both pink and monochromatic beams.
  • Developed for Beamline Scientists: Developed in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists and tested at other national synchrotron facilities, the ClearXCam has already helped beamline scientists discover and improve beam characteristics not possible with other systems.

Software and Integration:

  • Powerful and Easy to Use: The readout electronics are equipped with Advent's powerful, user-friendly software that enables users to easily access beam profiles, adjust imaging settings, store data, and conduct real-time analyses.
  • Data stream for real time analysis and control: API and EPICS compatibility enable user-driven analysis and feedback

See spec sheet for details and customization options.

Beamline Ready Today

  • The CXC is available for sale now through our distributor, Angstrom Scientific, and has been validated at leading national facilities.
  • Independently certified to be FCC/CE qualified, including product safety compliant to EN-61010-1
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Short lead times
  • No complicated cables- we use a non-proprietary, off-the-shelf cable to connect from the Detector Module to the Readout Module.