Do you enjoy hands-on work with small objects, have a history of accumulating knowledge about working with various media, and a fearless curiosity? If so, keep reading about how you could use your skills and learn new ones to help a start-up make a new type of electronics out of lab-grown diamonds.

Co-founder & Chief executive Officer

Dr. Manpuneet K. Benipal

Co-founder & Technical Advisor

Dr. Anna Zaneiwski

Research Scientist

Dr. Jesse Brown

Semiconductor Device Engineer

Jose Andres Orozco

Operations Manager

Jill Blain

Co-founder & Technical Advisor

Dr. Robert Nemanich

Technical Advisor

Dr. Trevor Thornton


As a start-up company, we seek a team player who enjoys learning, growing and adapting to changing opportunities. Our company values making technology that benefits society and maintaining a positive workplace culture.